Saturday, 21 May 2016

My Healthy Smoothie Recipe!

Hey lovelies, 

So this is the first post of the new and relaunched blog and today I am going to be sharing a smoothie recipe that I have been loving lately as a breakfast. I came up with this combination myself although there probably is tons of recipes using these fruits all over the Internet. 

When I put this smoothie together I wanted to combine my favourite fruits and veggies together to make a really healthy and fresh tasting drink. 

So to make this smoothie I used: 
* watermelon ( vitamin A&C ) 
* carrot ( vitamin A,C,K & antioxidant agents ) 
* mango ( rich in pre-biotic dietary fiber, vitamins&minerals )
* cucumber ( flushes out your system, helps with bloating& is full of vitamins ) 
* spinach ( iron,fibre & rich in vitamins A,C,E&K ) 
* blueberries ( vitamin C & rich in antioxidants ) 

***^^those are just the the basic health benefits, they are all packed with so many more amazing benefits *** 

All I did to make the smoothie was blend it with some coconut water and added some ice to it. It is so refreshing and sweet and just tastes amazing! 

I will be back on Tuesday with a post about my favourite high end and drugstore eyeshadow palletes. 

Until then though I hope you guys enjoyed and don't forget to sign up to be notified whenever I post! 

Bye xx 

Friday, 20 May 2016

A new beginning.

Hi guys. 

So this post is going to be about some changes to 2BlogObsessed. 

Firstly, 2Blogobsessed has lost a creator, Chloe can no longer be apart of the blog which means that I am the only content creator for this Blog. I took this opportunity to relaunch the blog as a more personal beauty and lifestyle blog where I shall be posting four times a week about beauty and also about my lifestyle. 

This includes; beauty recommendations , reviews, favourites and lots of other beauty bits. As for the lifestyle portion I am classing lifestyle as any thing that's going on in my life or that can help you guys with your lifestyles- examples are; Health,fitness,advice etc. 

I am angling more towards lifestyle as I want to use the blog as a kind of diary to document my lifestyle changes but beauty is such a huge part of my life I don't think I could ever not talk about it haha! 

The next thing that will change with the blog is that I will have set posting days- these will be; Friday, Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

This will start from tomorrow where I am posting a recipe for a healthy smoothie I have been using as a breakfast replacement in an attempt to get healthy. 

Anyway, I'm sorry this has been short and sweet but I really wanted you guys to know what had been going on and to keep you all in the loop of what is going to happen. I am so excited to start posting as sole creator as it will certainly be a learning experience. 

See you later
Aimee X 

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Small ways to improve your eating habits+ easy excersises to do at home.

Hello lovely people. 

If you read my last blogpost which was my 2016 goals update, you will know that as much as I am trying to be healthy I haven't been able to fully commit to being 100% healthy all of the time. However, since that blogpost I have really been inspired to try my best to change my eating habits in little ways and that's exactly what I have done. What really inspired me to start to change was on Tuesday night; I went to a local pub for some food with my friends and had a really nice meal. Now don't get me wrong, the food was lovely and so was the night in general, but when I got home and went to bed my stomach felt so full and gross and I just didn't feel very well because I'd eaten a lot of really rich and probably fatty foods that night. It made me realise that I hate feeling sluggish and inspired me to really take care of my body but rather than going in full force cutting lots of different things out at once, I would make really small changes as I knew I wouldn't feel too much like I wasn't allowed the foods but instead I was making healthier alternatives and could have a small treat if I had wanted to.

 So I came up with some things I would like to change in my diet and I honestly feel better already. I thought I would share these things and maybe you could try them if you would like to become a little healthier, most are food related but I have added a few little things in which have helped me to get moving and also link some really good YouTube videos which have gave me some inspiration. 
This will only be part one of my healthy eating blogposts and I will do an individual blogpost on each of the tips below: 
Cut down on carbs! 
I have found that if I eat carbs with more than one meal per day then I feel really bloated and sluggish so I have been limiting myself to one type of carbohydrate in only one meal during the day. So if I have a sandwich for lunch I won't eat potatoes or pasta or bread with my dinner. I do however make an exception for rice as this doesn't make me feel too full so I will sometimes have a spoonful of rice with my dinner if I am only having something like chicken with veg. 

Bulk up your meals using fruits and vegetables. 
Fruits and vegetables are a fantastic way to fill you up whilst also giving you amazing health benefits. I try to have at least 3 different fruits or vegetables with each meal I have and try to get as much variety when it comes to fruit and veggies as I possibly can. 

Stock up on herbs and spices. 
I find it so difficult to get excited by food when there isn't a lot of flavour there. When you are eating healthily you are cutting out a lot of the unhealthy things which often give food it's flavour so it's important to always have lots of herbs and spices on hand to give your food a much needed flavour boost. 

Cook as many things from scratch as possible. 
Things such as spaghetti bolognese are really tasty and if you make your own sauce from scratch you will be saving a lot of calories in the long run(I don't count calories but it always is good to know that I'm not consuming as many with my homemade food as I would be with,tinned or frozen food.) 

Drink lots of water. 
Not only does water fill you up which means you will eat less food, it also is a great way to detox  and flush any bad things out of your body. 

Have three meals a day and one snack. 
I have found having breakfast, lunch, dinner and then a snack at night time has helped me to stay full throughout the day and has stopped me from snacking on bad foods. 

Replace one or two meals a day with a fruit smoothie
I have been replacing my breakfast with a smoothie and then having a smoothie for my snack at night. This has not only filled me up and stopped me from snacking but it also is super healthy and means I am getting lots and lots of fruits and greens into me in one meal. 

Fill up during your set meal times. 
I have set meal times throughout the day which means that I always know when I should be eating and when I do eat/drink I make sure I eat until I'm full, this stops me from snacking in between meal times and if I do get peckish I drink some water. 

Use Instagram and YouTube to find inspiration. 
By typing your chosen word into the search bar on Instagram you will come across thousands of posts which will relate to you. I have also been using YouTube to find people who have shared recipes and workouts and have been loving three 4 amazing channels. I will link one of each of their videos below as I can't copy and past their channel link for some reason. 
Niomi smart- her what I eat in a day videos are so inspiring as are her amazing vegan/plant based recipes. 
ThatGirlShaexo- I found her channel through a smoothie recipe video she did, she has also got some really good recipes for detox water and a full playlist about her amazing weight loss journey! 
TheDomesticGeek- this is a channel full of amazing healthy recipes which are really easy and fun to make. I absolutely love her channel and have watched soooo many videos already! 
Yoga with Adrienne- I've been trying my very best to get into yoga and honestly it's so nice to find a channel which really teaches you the basics rather than doing lots of complicated moves. 
I also really love blogilaties if I want more of an energetic work out.

Well that's all my little tips for today's post. As you can see, nothing is impossible with this change of eating habit and it is something you can ease into. 
I will be back on Monday with part two of this little series of blogposts. 
Bye bye. 


Monday, 9 May 2016

2016 Goals Update!

Hi everyone. 

So I'm back today with an update on a post I did in January about things I wanted to acheive by the the end of this year. I thought now would be a good time to give you lovely people an update about h that is going as life is rather hectic at the minute and a lot is gong on. 

 1) Make changes to my body to feel good about the way I look. 
Like always I am sailing through a diet of healthy eating during one meal and eating shit the next. As much as I would like to eat healthily 24/7 I still don't have the mindset or the willpower to stay on track for a lng period of time. Today for example, I had a really healthy breakfast, then had a bacon sandwich at college (not that bad to be honest ) I also had a coco pops bar which was 82 calories per bar. I had a healthy lunch followed by a tiny bit of hot chocolate(I didn't fancy it in the end so gave it to my friend). Although it hasn't been a really unhealthy day I still haven't stuck to my meal plan which I am abit disappointed about.  However when I am on track I do it right. I have stocked up on fruit and veg to have some really healthy meals and I think once I do get the will power I will be very good at sticking to plan. 
As for my haircare, that has been going really well. I have been taking good care of it recently and using a really nice conditioner and heat protectant as well as coconut oil and Macademia oil which Chloe kindly bought me. I'd say my hair has grown about 2 inches which for me is a huge improvement. 
Lastly, my skin has really improved since I started a proper skincare routine, although I do still get breakouts it is a lot more game than it used to be. 

2) Get a job and earn my own money. 
Well, huge update on this one. I have started to finally earn my own money by becoming an Avon rep. If you have the right amount of clients you can really earn a good wage every three weeks, I'm not making a massive amount of money but it is usually just over or equivalent to working 6 hours a week at my age. Don't get me wrong, I would like another job to go along side the Avon but coursework and college doesn't allow that at the minute. 

3) Manage my anxiety. 
No improvement here unfortunately. 

4) Expand my makeup collection and improve my makeup skills. 
I haven't really began to expand my makeup as such but I am saving up to expand my high end collection as I would rather have less makeup but have better quality makeup than lots of not so good makeup. I am experimenting with makeup styled at the minute and testing what looks good and doesn't look good on me. Hopefully when I start earning a little bit more money I can start to. Just more makeup but at the minute I am saving for when I start to drive in July.

5) Get a car and start driving lessons. 
Hopefully I will get my car in the summer and I begin my lessons in July which I am so excited/nervous  about. Apart from that I don't really have anything to update you  it comes to this topic. 

Well that's it for this post, sorry it was only quick but I really wanted to get it up tonight! 

Love you guys. 

Aimee xx 

Monday, 11 April 2016

My Generic Skincare Routine Product Talk Through ! | Spring 2016


So as those of you who read my 2016 goals post, I am trying to better my body and my skin was something I really wanted to focus on as well as weight loss. So over the past few months I have wanted to find my perfect skincare routine and I have finally found a system which works for my skin! 

For the most part the products are very inexpensive and can be found in Boots stores in the UK. For this post I've decided to talk through the products and what part of the day I use them in(morning and/or night). This is the generic routine that I do roughly 5 days a week and the other two nights which tend to be a Wednesday and Sunday is when I use a few more products because those are my pamper nights where I give my skin some extra love. 

***Step 1- Cleanse***

***Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish***

I use this cleanser on a night time if I have worn makeup during the day as it is quite a deep cleanser so it really works to get rid of the makeup (even the eye makeup)and cleanse the skin at the same time. I use 1 pump at first and apply to the skin, I then dip the muslin cloth it comes with in very warm water and rinse it out. I use the cloth to wipe away the makeup. I then repeat with another pump of the cleanser to make sure any excess makeup has come off. 

***Simple Kind to Skin Puryfing Cleansing Lotion***

I use this cleanser every single morning to get rid of any grime and I also use it on a night time if I haven't worn makeup that day. I use it by rubbing onto the skin and then rinse it off with warm water. 

***Step 2- Tone***

***Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner***

I use this toner on a night time to refresh my skin after I cleanse. My skin always feels and looks really fresh and vibrant after I use this. For this step I apply the timer into a cotton pad and rub it around my face in circular motions. 

**Step 3- Moisturise***

***Simple Kind to Skin Nourishing Rich Moiusturiser*** 

I use a small amount of this moisturiser on a morning after I tone and then I use a larger amount. On a night before bed. I use this by placing the product on my nose,chin,cheeks and under my eyes and I pat into the skin and let it settle in. 

***Step 4- Hydrate***


I try to drink at least 4 of this 500ml glass bottles ( I bought this bottle from collectables at Christmas) per day and then after I do my night time skincare I try to drink another bottle of water. This keeps skin and the body hydrated during the night and makes me feel so refreshed on a morning. 

Well that's all for this blogpost guys. I hope this has given you an insight into my skincare journey and maybe given you some tips on your own skincare routine. We are back into blogging now even though Chloe hasn't got a laptop at the minute she is trying her best to be active on Instagram. 


Sunday, 13 March 2016

Spring has sprung!

Hey everybody! 

So I wanted to do a little update about why I've been absent from blogging, I know a post has already gone up about it but I just wanted to expand on the situation a little bit more and  explain a little bit about what's going to be happening on the blog and also a little bit of an update. 

As you will know if you read the last blogpost, Chloe and I have been very busy with college recently. As mentioned, Chloe does exam and coursework based subjects which means not only does she have to learn and remember and revise the things she learns, she also has to do a small coursework for those subjects plus her art exam is looming. For me, I take purely coursework based subjects which may sound easier but it really isn't. I get roughly 5 assignments given per week between my three subjects. A level coursework is next level difficult, you have to work your way up and make sure you add in as much detail as you can and each assignment takes around 6 hours from start to finish to complete in our own time because our lesson time consists of learning the information we need to include in our coursework. We both have a lot on our plate at the moment. 

As I am writing this we have nine school days until we break up for a two week Easter holiday, this means that we are (well in my classes) trying to get as much of our set work done so that we are as up to date as possible for when we break up. It is very likely we will get a small amount out of work set for during the holidays but at least if we are caught up we won't have to spend as much time doing work. 

During the holidays, I am going to do my best to write lots and lots of posts ready for when the new term starts so that you will get regular posts even when we are busy.  Please bare with us guys we do try. 

It's beginning to look like spring where I live and my dad is currently out in the garden tidying it up ready to begin planting veg and flowers ( it gets very full of junk and rubbish over the winter for some reason) I'm in a very good mood right now which is making me feel very productive and I'm about to write my skincare routine post which will be up on Tuesday. 

I hope this has been a little bit of an insight into our lives at the minute and thank you for being patient with us. 

Aimee X 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Hummus and Avocado Addict | What I Ate Wednesday.

Hello Again!

So this week has been a bit full on, I have been really healthy apart from the weekend and I really think I am doing okay with this 'Cleanse' we started in January (if you imagine February is actually the start of the year and forget that the actual cleanse lasted about 2 weeks and then I was back eating unhealthily again).

Well without further a do I shall now show you lovely people what I have eaten today!

For breakfast today, I had the same as what I have been eating for the last week and what I featured in last weeks post which was grilled bacon with mushrooms on bread( the picture is the same as last week because I didn't see a point in taking another photo of the exact same thing). I really like this breakfast because it is very filling and not too unhealthy either.

For lunch, I had a slice of wholemeal toast with tuna mixed with a tiny bit of  light Philadelphia mixed in instead of mayo and some sweetcorn(I usually use homemade hummus but I didn't have any ingredients)  I also had some sweetcorn and avocado on the side.        

For my snack, I have half of an avocado, some very messily cut up carrots, a few pieces of red pepper and some cherry tomatoes. I had this with some shop bought hummus(I'm taking a break from the home made stuff as It was taking too long and I like the homemade one freshly made and not pre made the day before).

For Tea, I marinated some chicken breast chunks, sliced mushrooms(my mum likes mushrooms but I'm not a fan unless they have plenty of flavour to them) some diced red and green peppers and red onion in Nandos medium peri-peri rub and then cooked it in a tin foil parcel for 15 minutes then added a small amount of pasata to the parcel and cooked it for another 20 minutes. I served it with some basmati rice and some home made wedges.

Today I have drank a cup of pomegranate iced green tea, 4 glasses of water and a cup of nettle and blackberry tea.

Well that was what I have eaten today so far. I have not long since ate my tea and I am very full and it was extremely tasty.

I shall post a beauty related blog post on Saturday which I am about to plan so be sure to check that out!
Bye Loves,

Aimee xx